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Created in 2016, Braga International Video Dance Festival a platform for diffusion, learning and development of artistic work with focus on the body and technology using Video Dance as means of expression. Contemporary artistic performance practices constitute privileged spaces for innovative interdisciplinary work, sharing and dialogue, as well as contestation and tension, which deconstruct the boundaries of traditional performances and create new paradigms of emerging practices and discourses in today’s world. The challenge we propose is a reflection on the concepts of “performance” and “performativity” through projects that include the articulation of knowledge, blurring boundaries between arts, disciplines and technologies, focusing on everyday and contemporary practices.

Every year Braga International Video Dance Festival selects the most awesome videos to screen in Braga. From that selection the invited jury selects the Best Video Dance and the Best Short Video Dance. The audience present at the Festival, on april 13th 2024, will also be able to choose their favorite video, which will receive the Audience Choice Award. The results wil be announced on april 29th, World Dance Day.

Over eight editions we received hundreds of submissions from 40 different countries.

We are looking forward to see your video this year!

jury team '24

festival's artistic team/event organizers

Festival Director

Carolina Vieira

Artistic Team/ Festival Production

Cristina Mendanha

Artistic Team/ Festival Production

Gabriela Barros

festival's artistic team/event organizers


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