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Braga International
Video Dance Festival

BIVDF (created in 2016) is a platform for diffusion, learning and development of artistic work with focus on the body and technology using Video Dance as means of expression. Contemporary artistic performance practices constitute privileged spaces for innovative interdisciplinary work, sharing and dialogue, as well as contestation and tension, which deconstruct the boundaries of traditional performances and create new paradigms of emerging practices and discourses in today’s world. The challenge we propose is a reflection on the concepts of “performance” and “performativity” through projects that include the articulation of knowledge, blurring boundaries between arts, disciplines and technologies, focusing on everyday and contemporary practices.

Every year Braga International Video Dance Festival selects the most awesome videos to screen in Braga. From that selection the invited jury selects the Best Video Dance. Because we have so many amazing videos been submitted we decided to open three categories this year - Video Dance, Short Video Dance and New Creators. All this categories will be awarded by the jury. The audience present at the Festival, on april 28th 2023, will also be able to choose their favorite video, which will receive the Audience´s Choice award. The results wil be announced on april 29th, World Dance Day.

Over seven editions we received hundreds of submissions from 40 different countries. We are looking forward to see your video this year!!


Jury Team


Cristina Mendanha

Born in 1966. Cristina began her studies in dance with Fernanda Canossa and Pirmin Treku. Between 1971 and 1980, she studied at the Conservatório de Música de Braga Calouste Gulbenkian, in the Music Education Course. Between 1981 and 1983, she received a scholarship from the Secretary of State for Culture at the Companhia Nacional de Bailado. In 1989, she finished her degree in Plastic Arts – Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. She received the Teaching Certificate in 1995 from the Royal Academy of Dance, London. She holds a Masters in Art, Craft and Design Education from the University of Surrey Roehampton. In 1992, she founded Arte Total, where she holds the position of Director and dancer.


Tânia Dinis

Born 1983, Vila Nova de Famalicão.
Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices, FBAUP, Porto 2015. Degree in Theater Studies, - Interpretation - ESMAE in 2006. Directed the short films They’re not fava beans, they’re scarlet runner beans 2013, Old Wives’ Tales in 2015, video installation Line in 2016, Teresa and Laura in 2017, and ARMINDO AND THE DARK CHAMBER, 2017/2018.
Her art projects, developed mainly in performance, film, video, photography and installation, often take on an itinerant basis. In the last years she has worked with family archive images - photographs, films - personal or anonymous, creating new objects from them - a research work around time, image-memory.
Her films and creations - Female, Family Imaginary, (Family Archive Project), Rota (small family history), MONO-LOGO, From memory, among other works have been part of the program of various national and international festivals, as well as collective exhibitions.
She collaborated in projects of Cia - Excesses, Brazil and with Utero Cultural Association. She joined FAMEP | I Jornadas PHOTOGRAPHY AND ARCHIVE of ESAP in 2014.
She was a member of the jury of feature films at the 17th Luso-Brazilian Festival of Santa Maria da Feira and in 2016 at Curta Oito - International Super 8 Festival in Curitiba, Brazil.


Alex Páchon

Alex Pachón (Badajoz, 1981) combines creative, research and teaching projects with field of visual effects and animation, as a digital artist and art director for films, scenic and hybrid projects. As a creator, he has already presented his work in 45 countries and more than 200 festivals. His latest projects reflect a strong interest in exploring the body-camera-territory relationship and the possibilities offered by the union between cinematic experimentation, sound creation, new media and the living arts. It was presented in reference spaces such as Cultura Inquieta, Metropolis on TVE2, or Canal+ Xtra, selected in the American Dance Video Anthology and invited to the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan. He has lived and worked in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Portugal, Brazil and the United Kingdom collaborating with companies and institutions such as Artfutura, Tigrelab, La Fura dels Baus, London Olympic Games, Munich Opera, Milan Expo or Teatro de la Abadia. As a researcher and professor, he is part of the teaching team at ExtremLab, an itinerant program and Creative Residence for expanded film projects under development, in collaboration with Festival L'Alternativa, CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporânea de Barcelona) and NovenaNube; he is visiting professor of Dance and Technology at Dantzerti (Superior School of Dramatic Art and Euskadi Dance), at the Master in Audiovisual Creation and Performing Arts at UMA (University of Malaga), and the Degree in Dance at UCAM, Murcia. Since 2017, he has co-directed FIVER, a support, training, archive and dissemination platform for choreo-cinema, being responsible for educational programs through the #Fiverlabs project. President and founding member of Social Fever, an organization born during the pandemic that supports educational, cultural and co-creation actions with a social and transformative dimension in peripheral contexts.

Festival's Artistic Team

Artistic Director 

Carolina Vieira

Executive Director

Gabriela Barros

Curatorial Support

Carolina Vieira


Braga MediaArts 

Theatro Circo 

Arte Total

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